2018. június 15., péntek

Photography for Arts and Culture and Crafts

Magvető Cafe in Dohány street
Vörösmarty tér

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'DiA.owl.hu' was set to give a list of my SlideShows ,,,

You can see the list of slideshows at the address:

My good friend asked me to make a photo for his new book ...

The photo was taken at the old airport of Budapest.

Sights of arts, culture and crafts have been focussed in my photography

I like visiting exhibitions and my grandchildren.often come with me.

You can see the opening ceremony of the exhibition of my friend in Face Bistro, Budapest, 13. district.

A new domain: Arts-Culture-Photography.net has been registered....

My photography focusses on Events of Arts and Culture and Crafts in Hungary, mostly in Budapest.

2018. június 1., péntek

Creating a new album for advent walking with Bius and Zorki:

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