2018. június 15., péntek

Photography for Arts and Culture and Crafts

Magvető Cafe in Dohány street
Vörösmarty tér

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'DiA.owl.hu' was set to give a list of my SlideShows ,,,

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My good friend asked me to make a photo for his new book ...

The photo was taken at the old airport of Budapest.

Sights of arts, culture and crafts have been focussed in my photography

I like visiting exhibitions and my grandchildren.often come with me.

You can see the opening ceremony of the exhibition of my friend in Face Bistro, Budapest, 13. district.

A new domain: Arts-Culture-Photography.net has been registered....

My photography focusses on Events of Arts and Culture and Crafts in Hungary, mostly in Budapest.

2018. június 1., péntek

Adding new photo to 'Jubilee exhibition in 5-year-old Artezi Gallery' album

Jubilee exhibition in 5-year-old Artezi Gallery Web Gallery